Who I am.

I am Emma Rueter. My story starts out like many other photographers. My Mother and Aunt gave me my first point and shoot camera when I was 10 and I instantly became obsessed with taking close-up photos of tiny flowers, chess pieces, raindrops, and of course, my childhood cats and dogs.


As I grew older my passion for photography grew and I began to take photos of my friends and family, and anyone else who would let me. I got my first "real" camera by the time I was fourteen and took photography classes in high school, but otherwise I am self-taught. 

What I love. 

I love the ocean, going on walks to the beach, feeling the hot sand slide between my toes, and looking out at the bright moon reflecting on the cool water at night.


I love adventuring through the forests, whether in Vermont, my hometown, or traveling to foreign countries (which I have been luck enough to have done and hope to continue to do) such as Mexico, Austria, Spain, El Salvador, China, and a few more. 

I love meeting new people and going out to lunch at a cute new restaurant, or food cart on the block. I also love almost any kind of music, Thai food, tacos, and sushi. 

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My Style.

What I really love is the uniqueness of each shoot, when I'm capturing those silly, little, seemingly insignificant, moments shared between loved ones that couldn't be planned for if you tried, and never should try to plan. 


The kind of moments that just happen, when you are utterly and completely you.

I will never make you feel uncomfortable or try to pose you in a way that is not reflective, and authentically you. I won't make you feel awkward in front of the camera, but encourage you to think of me as your friend, because I am yours, and that is how I will get the best photos of you.


The pure magic of capturing raw emotion is a gift that will be forever timeless, and is the greatest gift that I can give you. I will make sure that my style reflects who you are. I will go hard for you. 

If it doesn't sound like we would be a good fit, then I encourage you to find a photographer who will be! Photography is something that you want to invest in, and we won't get the greatest photos if we aren't the best fit. Please send me a message and we can get to chatting to see if we are!

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